MBD Capital (1992 - 2008) . Management Company of ventures and "private equity" investments. Examples of developed ventures and added value to acquired companies are:

  • Rutte & Zoon. Producer of Dutch liquor. Divested in a trade sale.
  • HWB. Retail company, 200 locations in fashion and dry cleaning. Divested in a trade sale. 
  • WOW. Publisher of magazines. Divested in a MBO. 
  • Jaffa. Producer of speciality bread. Divested in a trade sale. 
  • M Tel. Accessibility services (telecom and internet).  Divested to shareholders.
  • BNR Nieuwsradio. Radio station. Divested in a trade sale. 
  • ODMedical. Producer of medical equipment. Divested in a MBO. 
  • DICO. Stock listed producer of furniture. Divested to shareholders. 

MHC (2008 - 2011). Manaus Health Care, innovative cure and care. MHC was not successful, resulting in a bankruptcy. The main causes of this discomfiture are: 

  • Insufficient funding.
  • High costs and investments falling behind. 
  • Too long elapse time in realizing projects. 
  • Too high leveraged debt financing. 
  • Imbalance between management fees and fund size. 

The debts of MHC (and its predecessor MI) will be redeemed the coming years. To realize this effort, all debts and titles will be transferred to ISF Holding bv, which company will compensate the creditors by allocating existing and new activities.