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Michiel Herter (1955) studied law (LLM) in Amsterdam and business administration in Delft (MSc BA). In 1982 he started working for Arthur Andersen (the present consultancy firm Accenture). In 1985 he was appointed as group financial executive to Bulk Oil Trading and Shipping Group, a company active in the international trade and transport of oil products. In 1989 Michiel was co-founder of the independent consultancy firm Intermatch, specialized in mergers & acquisitions and capital markets, which is now a member of the international network Corporate Development International (CDI). 

In 1992 Michiel founded MBD Capital, a management company for entrepreneurial ventures and hands-on / turn-around projects. These activities were closed in 2008, after the divestment of the last project. Over almost twenty years MBD successfully managed ventures in retail, media (magazines / radio), telecommunications, food and consumer products (production and distribution). In most cases the added value resulted in high returns.  

In 2008 Michiel founded an investment company focussed on health care. Due to several internal (funding) and external (market) circumstances this initiative was not successful and in 2011 ended with a bankruptcy and negative publicity. 

Recently Michiel joined a network of professionals, specialized in the development of ventures and advisory to (potential) shareholders of ventures. This includes analyzing and improving the focus of the venture, professionalizing the business model and the overall structure to achieve a substantial growth. 

Michiel Herter is also associated with the Leiden University, where he works on his Ph.D.