Michiel Herter is associated with the international network Venture Development. The main activities are:

  • Performing strategic due diligences prior to investments in ventures. 
  • Statutory services protecting the ownership and votary rights of shareholders. 
  • Strategic advisory to develop ventures and to realize exits. 
  • Assisting shareholders with managing ventures and investments. This includes business analyses, reporting and the evaluation of business models.
  • Structuring the shareholdings in ventures, legally and financially, to achieve an optimal basis for future value development. 

Summarizing, Venture Development by and large works for (potential) shareholders in "venture capital and private equity" projects, who seek maximal comfort regarding the most optimal financial and legal structure, a solid protection of their owner and voting rights and a professional monitoring of the value development resulting in exits with the expected returns.  

These services are remunerated in a combination of retainers and success fees. 

Members and partners of Venture Development are fluent in English, German and Dutch. 

Examples of current and recently concluded advisory assignments are: 

  • Assisting a German based company in satellite communications to optimize the focus for further growth.
  • Advising the most ideal structure to informal investors for the participation in growth financing (equity) of a Dutch company, specialized in the innovative composition of infrastructure projects.   
  • Designing and implementing the disentanglement of advisory and venture activities of a large Dutch consulting firm. 
  • Performing due diligences of intended acquisitions of a German company in sustainable energy. 

The identity of the above clients can be confidentially disclosed upon request.